Virtual hands-on lab

Building low-code Spark data pipelines

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Apache Spark™ has been on the bleeding edge of data-driven innovations, offering the unparalleled power and flexibility that organizations desire to build data products at scale. Yet, many organizations struggle with harnessing Spark's full potential for the entire business.

With low-code Spark, engineering organizations can empower the entire business to handle the most demanding and complex data engineering use cases with ease.

In this invite-only virtual lab, you’ll get hands-on with the Prophecy Platform and discover the transformative potential of low-code Spark for your organization:

  • Get started in minutes with a basic UI tour, including cluster attachment and more
  • Learn how easy it is to build a basic data pipeline through a drag-and-drop visual builder
  • Explore more advanced capabilities like subgraphs, expression builders, and Data CoPilot
  • Schedule pipelines and witness the magic of low-code Apache Airflow for orchestration
  • Leverage generative AI to build pipelines from text descriptions and watch a demo of the chatbot in action

Meet the instructors

Bob Welshmer
Senior Solutions Engineer
Scott Lyons
Staff Data Engineer
Keerthi Simhadri
Customer Success Manger

Modern enterprises build data pipelines with Prophecy