Data Transformation Copilot Week

Featuring MLB championship winning, critical healthcare, and modern insurance data customer stories and AI for data transformation strategies.

In this live webinar series, discover how top organizations like Aetion, CZ, and the Texas Rangers are achieving remarkable results by:

  • Boosting productivity for all Databricks users with the Data Transformation Copilot.
  • Utilizing Prophecy’s AI-powered visual data pipelines and high-quality open-source code to accelerate data transformation.
  • Democratizing data access across business users.

Hear directly from Prophecy Co-Founders on designing a copilot for data transformation and much more.


Aetion Revolutionizes Healthcare with Prophecy's AI Data Transformation

Tuesday, June 25th at 9am PT | 12pm ET
Dan Rohtbart
Vice President of Engineering
Mitesh Shah
VP Product Marketing
Hear from Aetion, a leading healthcare technology company, on how Prophecy helps accelerate the delivery of real world evidence data and power their new Discover product.
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Modernizing Insurance Data for the Netherlands with CZ

Dave van den Hurck
Head of Data Products at CZ
Matt Turner
Director of Product Marketing
To modernize their analytics, the CZ team turned to Databricks to manage the diverse and growing data. However, only the central data team had the Spark expertise to transform data and create data products. Adopting data mesh principles, the team is using Prophecy’s Data Transformation Copilot for Databricks to bring data experts from the business into the process of migrating from the current data systems to Databricks. Learn more in this impactful session.
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How the Texas Rangers Transform Data for Championship Winning Insights

Alexander Booth
Assistant Director R&D
Franco Patano
Strategic Data and AI Advisor
Databricks Logo
Matt Turner
Director of Product Marketing
Join us for a conversation with Alexander Booth on how Prophecy and Databricks help the team stay on top of their data to deliver championship winning game and player insights.
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Designing a Copilot for Data Transformation with Spark and SQL

Raj Bains
Maciej Szpakowski
AI is accelerating every aspect of data management. Hear from Prophecy co-founders Raj Bains and Maciej Szpakowski on creating an AI Copilot to make all data users 10x more productive.
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