How Optum realized data transformation in the cloud with Prophecy and Databricks

June 15th at 9am PT | 12pm ET
Sumesh Nair
Director of Engineering,
Data & Cloud Strategy
Franco Patano
Lead Product Specialist
Maciej Szpakowski

Optum, a UnitedHealthcare Group company, is leading the way in data transformation in the cloud. As a health services innovator, we strive to provide better experiences through technology and data. With a team of hundreds of data practitioners including engineers and analysts all with diverse skill sets, and tens of thousands of jobs run daily, our recent move to a cloud-based data architecture presented us with significant challenges, particularly in terms of standardization, user productivity, and automation.

To address these challenges, Optum worked closely with Prophecy to modernize our frameworks, empower our users on Databricks Lakehouse, and migrate thousands of jobs to the cloud. This collaboration has improved the efficiency and efficacy of our data engineering processes, enabling us to deliver superior healthcare outcomes. This discussion will delve into the specifics of our collaboration with Prophecy and how their low-code data transformation platform has helped us overcome the challenges of transitioning to the cloud at such a large scale.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn how Optum overcame challenges in transitioning to a cloud-based data architecture with Prophecy's low-code data transformation platform
  • Discover how modernizing data frameworks and empowering users on Databricks Lakehouse can improve efficiency and efficacy of data engineering processes
  • See real-world examples of how the collaboration between Optum, Databricks and Prophecy has led to superior healthcare outcomes, and learn how you can apply these insights to your own organization

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