On-demand webinar

Implement Data Mesh with a Self-Serve Platform

Maciej Szpakowski
Ameya Malondkar
Solutions Architect
Shehzad Nabi
Chief Technology Officer

Producing Data for Analytics and Machine Learning with speed and flexibility has been unsolved for a decade. Data mesh is an architectural pattern that is fundamentally about putting more of the data into the hands of domain experts who understand the data, instead of completely relying on a single data platform team.

Data Mesh holds promise, but it is defined too abstractly. In this webinar, Prophecy and Databricks provide a practical implementation architecture and a step-by-step guide to implementing a data mesh in your organization:

  • How a business team with domain experts can build and publish data products themselves with a visual self-serve platform.
  • How the data platform team can provide standards and governance.
  • How data products can be published and shared based in a single Lakehouse
  • How to implement the data mesh, starting with the first team and tackling practical issues such as access control, budgeting and production support.

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