Live Demo Series

Low-code Data Transformation on Databricks Fundamentals

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To modernize your data and analytics stack, your team has chosen Databricks as its central data platform.

Bringing all your data into Databricks is easy, but now coding is required to transform that raw data to power AI and analytics. Your data teams are struggling to be productive. Data engineers need to code every pipeline as your data grows and quality is uneven across all the different projects.

The result: Data teams in the lines of business are locked out, waiting for their data. And data transformation is becoming the bottleneck in your data and analytics modernization project.

Sound familiar?

Join our live demo series to learn first-hand:

  • How Prophecy can increase the productivity of all Databricks users
  • How Prophecy’s low-code/no-code interface enables anyone to build visual data pipelines and generate high-quality open source code
  • How Prophecy can easily integrate data pipelines into existing enterprise deployment standards

Meet the expert

In this session, you’ll have a chance to chat face-to-face with experienced Prophecy experts, creating a lively space for sharing knowledge and ideas.

You’ll walk away getting a live look into how Prophecy low-code data transformation for Databricks can speed data transformation and make more data available.

Bob Welshmer
Senior Solutions Engineer, Prophecy

Modern enterprises build data pipelines with Prophecy