data engineering on Databricks for dummies

An essentials guide to boosting business data team productivity on the lakehouse

Mitesh Shah
VP of Product Marketing
Nathan Tong
Sales Engineer
Roberto Salcido
System Architect

As organizations worldwide realize the transformative power of the Databricks Lakehouse to fuel their analytics and AI use cases, the need for efficient and reliable data pipelines has never been more crucial.

In this engaging webinar based on the content in the just-released Dummies book, we invite you to see how a low-code approach to data engineering can successfully democratize this function across your entire organization.

Watch as we demonstrate how Prophecy's low-code platform seamlessly integrates with the Lakehouse and empowers organizations to quickly deploy data-driven use cases with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

This on-demand webinar will also cover:

  • A data engineering practitioner's perspective on how low-code transformed their business
  • An architectural overview of how Prophecy’s low code platform and the Lakehouse enable data-driven, real-life use cases more easily
  • A demo that illustrates how easy it is to build data pipelines for analytics and AI
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