On-Demand Webinar

The Future of Data Engineering: AI, Automation, and the Cloud

The world of data engineering is evolving fast with new technologies reshaping how organizations are fulfilling the need for secure, trusted, easily-accessible data. The adoption of cloud data platforms and tools for ingesting, processing, integrating, and analyzing data continues to grow. Likewise, given the importance of data governance and data quality to the success of analytics and AI initiatives, more organizations are embracing modern data catalogs, active metadata practices, and data observability as well. Finally, the impact of Generative AI and LLMs will continue to transform data engineering while also relying on the data foundation it enables.

In this DBTA roundtable on-demand, Product Manager Mei Long discusses how to help data leaders and data teams alike navigate the key technologies and best practices shaping the future of data engineering.


Mei Long
Product Manager

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