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Self-Service: The future of data transformation

Data transformation continues to consume 80-90% of practitioners’ time.

Are your data users waiting weeks for critical, analytics-ready data? The traditional data transformation approach is broken. Centralized teams struggle to keep up with demand, while business users are left frustrated and siloed. It doesn’t have to be this way - and the answer is a zero compromise, self-service solution that increases the productivity of both sides.

Watch as we demonstrate how Prophecy's low-code platform seamlessly integrates with the Lakehouse and empowers organizations to quickly deploy data-driven use cases with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

  • The critical barriers hindering your data team's productivity and agility.
  • How self-service data transformation unlocks business user independence and fuels faster insights.
  • Real-world success stories from top Fortune 50 companies.
  • How a unified visual and code platform can empower all data users.


Andrew Foster
Joe Greenwood
VP of Global Data Strategy
Angela Hooper
VP of Success
Maciej Szpakowski
Co - Founder

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