How moving to Spark from Ab Initio could save you millions

Automatically migrate legacy Ab Initio data pipelines and workloads to Spark.

If you still use ETL from Ab Initio, you might know you can save up to 70% by moving to open-source Spark. But did you know you can snowball those savings into significant amounts of money — even millions of dollars — by using Prophecy to *automatically* migrate those legacy data pipelines and workloads to Spark? In fact, enterprises can save enough in Ab Initio licensing fees the very first year to pay for their entire Spark migration!

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • What defines a successful Ab Initio-to-Spark migration
  • How to best analyze the financial impact of — and align stakeholders around — your organization’s migration from Ab Initio to Spark
  • How to help existing Ab Initio developers be as productive as possible once they’re live on Spark
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