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Even with modern data architectures such as the lakehouse, data engineering challenges remain: the need for coding expertise in Spark and SQL, ensuring data quality, and designing complex data transformations, to name just a few. But it does not have to be this way.

This brand new ebook Low-Code Data Engineering on Databricks For Dummies provides an accessible primer into the power of low-code data engineering and how it can enable both technical and business data users to build high quality data products quickly and easily that deliver immediate ROI.

Read this ebook to learn:

  • How the lakehouse architecture has transformed the modern data stack
  • Why Spark and SQL expertise does not have to be a blocker to data engineering success
  • How Prophecy’s visual, low-code data solution democratizes data engineering
  • Real word use cases where Prophecy has unlocked the potential of the lakehouse
  • And much, much more
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