Prophecy: Data Transformation for the Modern Lakehouse

For data and analytics leaders, accelerating data-driven decision-making and aligning with business goals are top priorities. Streamlining data prep for analytics and AI, while enhancing productivity in modern data setups like Databricks Lakehouse, can be challenging but not insurmountable.

We are pleased to share this independent research whitepaper by VP of Research at the Eckerson Group, Kevin Petrie. This whitepaper offers a thorough look at the transformative capabilities of the Prophecy platform, and explores how it empowers data engineering, amplifies the agility of analytics initiatives, and fosters a self-service environment for business users.

Read this new research paper to learn how Prophecy is reshaping data transformation in the context of modern data architectures and includes:

  • Customer successes and use cases including cloud migration, data engineering, self-service, generative AI, and Lakehouse management
  • How the platform’s visual design, extensibility, and breadth of functionality uniquely differentiate it in the market
  • A high level architectural overview showing Prophecy seamlessly integrates into a variety of data infrastructures
Kevin Petrie
VP of Research

Modern enterprises build data pipelines with Prophecy