The Future of Data Transformation

Data transformation continues to consume 80-90% of practitioners’ time. A comprehensive solution to address this issue is long overdue.

Over the past five years, Prophecy leadership has been dedicated to understanding how to solve this challenge once and for all - and what a zero-compromise solution looks like. We are excited to share our learnings from working with many enterprise organizations that include top-tier financial companies, healthcare and pharmaceutical firms, as well as hyper-scale technology giants.

In this whitepaper we’ll take a thoughtful look at the following:

  • The evolution of ETL over the past few decades and modern approaches for solving the challenges facing legacy platforms
  • Key design elements for a best in class, cloud-based solution that supports diverse users and scenarios at any scale
  • Considerations for accelerating ETL modernization and moving away from legacy ETL tooling
  • Prophecy’s unique approach that unifies visual and code development, and how it addresses the goals of a best in class solution
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