Prophecy & Databricks TopGolf Meetup Atlanta

Join Prophecy and Databricks for a fun afternoon at TopGolf following Databricks Data Intelligence Days Atlanta.

Discover how organizations like the MLB Champions, Texas Rangers are boosting data user productivity with Prophecy and Databricks including: 

  • 7x faster pipeline development 
  • 3x more analysts and developers building pipelines
  • 10x faster meeting stakeholder KPIs

We hope to see you there for good conversation, drinks + lite bites, and FUN! 

The need to clean and transform data persists - especially in the age of AI. The status quo isn’t benefiting anyone: central data engineering teams are under constant pressure to support the needs of the business, while data users in the business are frustrated as they're unable to get timely access to AI- and analytics-ready data. We need a better way.

We will unveil a revolutionary approach centered around unified visual and code technology. Additionally, we will explore the challenges of traditional data transformation processes and introduce a zero-compromise solution that has been successfully deployed across Fortune 50 and Fortune 10 companies.

Join this webinar to:

  • Understand the historical shifts in ETL solutions and how a new approach can help enterprises overcome the challenges faced by traditional methods
  • Discover the crucial elements for crafting a best-in-class, cloud-based solution that will cater to diverse users and use cases at scale
  • Learn how Prophecy addresses key aspects of the data transformation lifecycle with a ground-breaking approach that unifies visual and code development

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