Unlocking the promise of generative AI with your enterprise data

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Kevin Petrie
VP of Research
Raj Bains
Founder CEO
Maciej Szpakowski

Generative AI platforms have sparked a revolution in data-driven business. Their fast, articulate answers to natural language questions create the possibility of massive productivity gains for professionals of all types. Underscoring the excitement, 43% of data practitioners tell Eckerson Group they already use ChatGPT to assist data engineering work. Generative AI helps them discover datasets, write and debug code, document procedures, and learn new techniques as they build data pipelines. There are clear benefits to data engineers and, more broadly, data teams. But what about for the organization as a whole?

Today’s large language models are trained solely on public data. Enterprises need a way to power generative AI applications using their own internal data. This webinar explores the requirements, risks, and rewards of such an approach, including fine-tuned training as well as enrichment of user prompts. Using a domain-specific approach like this helps data engineers design and build pipelines--and developers build AI-driven applications--with higher productivity and lower risk. 

Watch this webinar with Kevin Petrie, VP of Research at Eckerson Group, and Co-Founders of Prophecy, Raj Bains and Maciej Szpakowski to learn:

  • Why data teams struggle to meet requirements for data delivery and consumption
  • How generative AI can boost productivity
  • The opportunity, challenges, and use cases for a domain-specific approach to generative AI
  • How the Prophecy Generative AI platform and Data Copilot enable this domain-specific approach

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