Designing a Copilot for Data Transformation

Accelerating the delivery of clean, trusted and timely data for Analytics and AI on the cloud data platforms you have

The surge in AI adoption and use of generative AI copilots is transforming application programming, but data transformation remains a challenge. Legacy approaches lack scalability, while manually coding pipelines is inefficient. While cloud data platforms have boosted processing power for AI, they lack a unified layer enhancing data user productivity. 

In this whitepaper we offer a solution to these challenges. Prophecy's Data Transformation Copilot fills this gap with an intuitive, integrated solution tailored for data engineers, analysts and scientists, automating pipeline development through seamless AI assistance.

In this whitepaper we share:

  • What copilots are and how generative AI can boost productivity and value delivery
  • How cloud data platforms delivered performance and scalability but with a fragmented end user experience
  • The need for a generative AI copilot that overcomes the challenges of traditional data transformation approaches
  • An introduction to the Prophecy Data Transformation Copilot - the comprehensive solution for data transformation on cloud data platforms
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